Land Development

Building set out and Height to Boundary (HIRB)
Building set out and Height to Boundary (HIRB)

As-built Plan  Stormwater
As-built Plan Stormwater
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  • Subdivisions (all forms of sub division & As-builts)

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We at Ascension Surveyors Limited (ASL) pride ourselves on our availability. We will provide you with the rapid response you need and with the peace of mind that we have got it right. Whats more we are competitive, friendly and efficient.

We can help you with your survey, control set out and as-builts for subdivision (all forms of sub division), roadworks, stormwater and wastewater lines, bridges and culverts, in fact just about anything you have a design plan for.

We can help you locate your boundaries and position the building in accordance with the design plans and Height In Relation to Boundary (HIRB) rules of the local authority.

Setting out in accordance with the design plans and council's rules is a fundamentally important task that should never be taken for granted. The values of most projects dictate that this work should be carried out by experienced surveyors and certified by a Licensed Cadastral Surveyor.

All set outs are recorded on a scaled diagram and accompanied by a written report signed by a Licensed Cadastral Surveyor ready for Council's or the Project Engineer's inspection and approval.