Contour and Topographic Map Site Surveys

  • Contour & Topographic Map Site Surveys

  • Building Set Outs

  • HIRB Certifications

  • As-builts

Using the Sokkia Laser Reflectorless 3030 Totalstation (integrated theodolite and distance measurer) we can provide you with accurate survey of difficult to get positions such as ridge lines, gutters, internal corners etc.

We can provide you with Contour & Topographic Map Site Plans from which design can be done to comply with council's Height in Relation to Boundary and Coverage Rules. We can then set out from the design plans and provide a land surveyor's (Licensed Cadastral Surveyor) certification that the construction complies with these rules.

All survey set outs are recorded on a scaled diagram certified by a Registered Professional Surveyor (Licensed Cadastral Surveyor) ready for Council’s or the Project Engineer’s inspection and approval.

Our reflectorless laser equipment is kept in first class working order and adjustment to ensure that surveyed positions are set out accurately and to the design tolerances.