Subdivision Surveying (all forms of sub division)

  • Fee Simple subdivisions involve Lots on a Deposited Plan e.g Lot 1 DP 12345

  • Cross-leases involve "Flats" on a Deposited Plan e.g. Flat 1 DP 12345

  • Unit Titles involve Units on a Deposited Plan e.g. Unit 1 and AU 1A DP 12345

In all forms of sub division we will need to undertake a topographical map site survey that will capture the features of the site including spot levels (heights), contours, buildings, vegetation, impermeable and permeable areas and existing services to name a few. In addition the public services record is added. This will form the basis of the Scheme Plan (proposed sub division layout plan).

From analysing the topographical map site plan, the public and private services and the District Plan Rules we design a subdivisional layout that best suits the site whilst complying with Council's Rules. Sometimes there is a need to apply for a non-complying sub division.

We then put the design into a written report wherein we discuss the effects of the proposal on the environment and in terms of the District Plan Rules.

The complete package is then submitted to Council for subdivision approval following which comes the land development construction stage. During this stage we will be involved with the boundary survey and its submission to Land Information New Zealand (LINZ) for examination and approval. All cadastral surveys (involving land boundaries and titles) in New Zealand must be sumitted to LINZ electronicly as an e_survey.

Finally once LINZ has approved the cadastral survey dataset (CSD) you can apply for the new certifcates of title. This can only be done if Council has issued the 224C certificate which states that all the conditions imposed on the subdivision have been complied with.