Survey Mark Protection

Ascension Surveyors Limited is a LINZ Geodetic Survey and Maintenance Provider.

Part 6 Section 55 of the Cadastral Survey Act 2002

Places the responsibility of reinstatement of all survey marks disturbed by construction or other works with the organisation or person(s) undertaking those works.

The Government Department LINZ

Requires all Datum 2000 marks affected in this way to be offset and reinstated or replaced to its specifications  by a Licensed Cadastral Surveyor.

Although the LINZ  Specifications allow surveyors to carry out the survey work where survey standards are concerned, they can be to the uninitiated daunting in terms of technical requirements and deliverables.

Don't Be Caught Out

Through underestimating the requirements, the consequences can be both costly and time consuming.

Let Us Help You

We can look after this important survey function for you. We have the specialist equipment and expertise gained through many years with Lands & Survey and DOSLI

For all  your survey needs in terms of LINZ Specifications or any other  requirements.