Ascension Surveyors Limited provides excellent prompt professional and friendly surveying services to both the public and private sectors alike.

We have modern equipment and technical knowledge that combine to provide you with cost effective surveying solutions anywhere that you require.

So whether you are a developer, contractor, in the public or private sector and are locating your boundaries or have requirements for survey, subdivision, road works, storm / waste water lines, or height in relation to boundary issues, you can be assured that Ascension Surveyors are fully equipped to meet your needs.

At Ascension Surveyors we specialise in;

  • Boundary Surveys (Find and confirm boundaries - Repegging)
  • Building BOMA (Rentable Area Surveys)
  • Contour and Site Surveys (Topographical Surveys)
  • Construction and Set Out Surveys (including As-built)
  • Deformation (Movement) Surveys and Monitoring
  • Earthworks, Stockpiles and Volumes
  • Subdivisions (Relocate Boundaries, Create new Lots, Cross-lease and Unit Titles)
  • Height in Relation to Boundary Certifications
  • Limited Title Surveys

Our dedicated Registered Professional Surveyors (Licensed Cadastral Surveyors) are committed to providing you with second to none service in all aspects of surveying. We guarantee you personalised attention and a continuing commitment to service and quality.

  • Registered Professional Surveyors
  • Licensed Cadastral Surveyors
  • Land Development Surveyors
  • LINZ Survey Providers
Ian Walker (mobile 027 2422326) Ian Walker (mobile 027 2422326)
We can help you with your survey, control set out and as-builts for civil engineering, sub division, roadworks, stormwater and wastewater lines, bridges and culverts, in fact just about anything you have a design plan for.


We can help you by locating the position and levels (heights) of the boundaries and the buildings together with their critical heights, contours and the permeable and impermeable coverage. We provide true 3d dwg files and hard copy topographic maps (topo map or plan) if required.


Do you want to subdivide your realestate land and need advice of what is the best option for you. Ascension Surveyors Limited deals in all forms of sub division from Fee Simple to Cross-lease (leasehold) and Unit Titles. We offer a no obligation free quote for our professional survey services. Check this out elsewhere on our website.

Where are your Realestate Property Boundaries? Protect your Asset. Minimise Disputes. For Peace of Mind.

LINZ Datum 2000 Marks/Survey Standards/Cadastral Survey Marks/Trig Beacons